Coming back to the hometown.

Good morning,


You know a place we haven’t been in a while, but is just beautiful this time of year? Well, its the residential district of course! You know, that place where everyone you know lives? Where you can organise the relationships you have with everyone? If you’re not too sure what I am talking about, you can find all the information about it in  these here  links.


If you have walked these streets before, you should remember that everyone you’ve ever had a relationship with, has a home here. Those you are closer with will have larger places, the people who have drifted will only need smaller places. Additionally, depending on the health of your relationship, the quality of the houses goes up and down; handy when you want to know at a glance who your not very happy with.


I have mentioned in previous letters that there is a ‘command centre’ in each lived-in home within this district. This room is the area used to make all the decisions about interactions with this person. Draw on all your previous experiences; use each happy and negative memory to make the smartest decisions moving forward.


Image result for command centre
Oh crap, lunch with the in-laws. Give me all the information you have on them, stat!


When I have talked about this room previously, it was in relation to the houses of people you liked and disliked. In those letters, I was hesitant to go too deeply into how command centres are used. For those who have been waiting patiently for more information on this, I hope this letter will provide you with more actionable knowledge.


Each buildings command centre works in very similar ways, it can give you some separation between any raw emotions you may feel about someone. This allows you to make rational choices when interacting with or making decisions about them.


Now I may be crazy, but I believe we could do with a lot more of that in modern life. The ability to take a step back, and think about what you want to say is chronically missing for many people. If you can’t control what you say and do around people, you are going to find yourself missing opportunities and making blunders regularly.


Image result for don't press the button
Don’t make that awkward comment, don’t make the comment…


We have all been there; said that thing that we shouldn’t, stepped into that nightmare situation and just wanted the world to swallow us up. The command centre can be used during social situations to ensure you stay in control of your emotions! It can also be used preemptively to help anticipate meetings with people who envokes especially high emotions within you.


Honestly, you probably have already used the command centre without knowing it at some point.  If you were to begin using it intentionally in future, you should start to see great improvements in your personal and working relationships soon.


Next week I think we are going to stay here and have a look at how doing a bit of spring cleaning with your relationships can dramatically improve your mental wellbeing and happiness.


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management.


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