Kicking down the doors and having a root around…

Hello there!


In this letter, I would like to take you back to the cosy residential district where we previously met all your closest friends and family.


In this visit, I want to walk you through what the insides of one of these houses may look like and be filled with. For instructional purposes, you will find an addition to this district provided without further cost to you by Rose-Blanc town management services. A nice house with a number of rooms that we can look round together. Fantastic!


Let’s go and cross the threshold of this new house and have a snoop around. The objective when looking in this house to work out a possible way you may want to organise your friends and families buildings when it comes time for you to do this yourself. I have based the below description on a traditional family home, I hope you will find it useful!


Image result for lighthouse
If you either grew up in or currently live in a lighthouse, then the floor plans below may confuse you sightly…


On the bottom floor of this house, we have the foundational rooms that make this building a home. This is where you would traditionally find the kitchen, front room, bathroom and dining room. The rooms in these houses, however, will hold foundational pieces of information you have based on the relationships you hold with your friends and family.


Imagine that each word in bold is one of your foundational rooms and its description is the details of the connection you have with the building’s owner:

  • Relationship – Friend for 10+ years since university.
  • History – Was in the same year during my Media degree, enjoy seeing twice a year – reliably been on holiday once every 3 years.
  • Likes – Honest, Tells funny jokes, has his own apartment which is great to stay around, has shared adventures that we can talk about.
  • Dislikes – Hums out of tune, snores surprisingly loud, listens to too much disco.
  • Future ambitions – Would like to be close enough a friend so can be invited to their wedding when time.


You can choose the titles of your downstairs rooms and also how many you have. The more details you can put in here the better! Once you have filled these in and have a strong foundation, we can move up to the middle section of the house.


Image result for living room
“I love what you did with the decor in the ‘History’ room, Margret! You really captured the Emu breeding, deep sea diving holiday and affair beautifully!”


The higher floors, which would traditionally be filled with bedrooms are now going to be filled with baggage rooms instead. This is where we are going to put the specific memories, feelings or thoughts you have on the person who’s building you are in. It doesn’t matter whether these pieces of baggage are positive or negative; if they pop into your mind then put them in a room!


For close friends, you may need a lot of rooms to fit all the mental baggage that has accrued over the years, this is fine! The good thing about the buildings in your town is that they can expand and decrease in size depending on the number of rooms they need.


What you should find, is that the people you are most fond of will have a majority of positive baggage rooms and only a few negative baggage rooms. People you have a poor relationship with should have the opposite. It is not a bad thing to have negative rooms in a house for someone you care a lot about and visa versa. This is natural, and something we are going to explore further in future letters.


On the very top floor of all houses is an attic. This is a mix between a workshop and a command centre for your relationship with this person. Once you have filled all foundational and baggage rooms, we can start putting plans into action to help improve our relationship with this person.


Image result for command centres
Must make an effort to let Annabelle know how much I like her homemade biscuits… she may feed me more.


In simple terms:

  • Positive baggage rooms can help remind us of the great aspect of your relationship with this person. These behaviours and memories should be cultivated and encouraged.
  • Negative baggage rooms can either represent painful memories or frustrating behaviours. These rooms can signpost things that either need to be forgiven or addressed with the person who owns this building.


In the next few visits we make to your residential district, we will look at the buildings of both Positive and Negative people in your life. We can then explore ways in which positive steps can be taken in both scenarios to bring about positive futures.


I hope you have enjoyed this letter, remember that excessive noise will not be tolerated in the residential area unless given express permission by the mayor of your town. Have fun!


Yours faithfully,


Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management



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