The people with the horned heads…

Good morning,


I’m feeling nostalgic, do you fancy going for a walk? Lets go to the nice, cosy residential district and visit some houses. This stroll may not, unfortunately, be as pleasant as our previous trip as we are journeying to the homes of people you don’t like very much and view negatively.


In a perfect world, we would have no negative houses in our residential district at all. With many things, however, the reality is very different from what we would like it to be. Throughout life, we come into contact with so many people that it is inevitable that some of these interactions will leave a bad taste in our mouths.


Image result for jumping out a window
Dealing with the worst of people can really push you to the extremes…



Inside one of these negative peoples buildings, you will notice that the internal layouts are very similar to the other houses we previously visited. The decoration and condition of these rooms, however, are jarringly different. Damaged and decaying beyond repair sometimes, the comparison between these and their siblings found in more positive buildings can be stark. As before the bottom floor is filled with the below rooms:

  • Relationship
  • History
  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • Future ambitions


The relationship room identifies where you both stand with each other. This should contain facts about what connects you to this person. I would avoid embellishing this room with descriptive insults however good it may feel.


The history you share with the person can act as a timeline of what you have both been through together. Make sure to include in this room the important events and moments where the relationship deteriorated and improved.


The like and dislike rooms are important to fill if you have this knowledge about the owner. This humanises the person and also gives you more power to make better decisions when around them.


Your future ambitions for the relationship you have with the owner of this building is the first step of a plan on how you want to proceed with this person. Do you want to save the relationship and become closer or do you want to nuke the whole thing to hell and back? It’s your life and you can decide.


Image result for choices
The difficulty and responsibility of making proactive choices about your relationships… I hate responsibility.


Fill the above rooms to the best of your ability and lets move to the higher levels and start looking at the baggage rooms for this building!


In these rooms, fill each one with the memories (negative and positive) you have of the person and put as much detail in them as possible. As this is a home of someone you view negatively, there will probably be more negative memories and emotions to fill the rooms with than positive ones. This is fine, let it rip. Put in every memory that sticks in your brain. Use these rooms as deposit boxes for the Good the bad and the ugly thing you have on this person.


Image result for box
You have plenty of memories, we have plenty of rooms and boxes… lets make this happen!


Each room you are able to fill with memories and emotions will serve as a case study you can look back on in the future. We will make special use of these rooms when we get into the command centres of these buildings. Hold tight as when we next head to the residential district we will be looking at this important floor in more detail!


I hope that this letter has helped you look at the relationships and buildings of those people you don’t like very much. If it makes you feel better, you can throw things at the houses of your enemies in your town… just don’t do that in real life. The police don’t look very kindly upon behaviour like that.


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management


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