Don’t put people in boxes… unless they are your friends and family of course!

Hi there,


Well done for the hard work you previously did in your entertainment district, you are putting things in place that are really going to make some positive changes in your town!


Oh wait, can you smell that? Is that mamma’s special home cooked lasagna you can smell wafting through the breeze? You had better get over to her house before you miss out on the party.


You arrive in the residential district, a cosy part of your town where there are homes of all shapes and sizes, ranging from large mansions, smaller houses and apartment blocks filled with flats. Each one of these buildings houses a person that is connected to you and your life.


We have both been working hard today, sorting out your work and entertainment districts. The sun is setting, warm lights are flooding out of the buildings and illuminating the cobbled walkways. You can hear the people in the buildings as they all settle down for the evening after their busy days. It’s cosy and as picturesque as you can make it.


Image result for cosy winter village
Add snow and European architecture where needed to create that perfect feel.


There is a lot of noise coming from one of the biggest and grandest houses in the area, as you get closer you hear laughter and frivolities of all kinds. The door swings wide as you approach (its one of the benefits of being the mayor), and you hear the voices of your nearest and dearest.


Luckily, you seem to have come on a day where all your close friends and family have also been invited. You get a warm glow all over as you reminisce and share funny tales. Everyone in this house should be your closest friends and family, your inner circle, your favourite favourites.



Image result for friends and family
Oh, how they all smile, each hoping that Uncle Jerry won’t get drunk again like last year and scare the children…


Now every person you have interacted with and can remember has a home in your residential district. The more time, energy and money you spend on or with them will positively correlate to the size of their dwelling. The more positive or negative feelings you feel towards these people will greatly change how luxurious or decrepit their buildings appear to be.


For example, the people who you are surrounded by at this party, they will live in some of the largest and grandest buildings in your town. Now we love these people and so their houses are a marvel to look at! On the flipside, you may have individuals in your life who still take up a large amount of your energy, money and time but have negative impacts on your day to day existence. For these individuals, they will still have big houses but they may be rotten, falling down or in some extreme cases completely on fire!


So why do these people have the biggest houses? Well, you need to fit in all your previous experiences, knowledge and memories of these people in their properties. Said another way, if you were to assign a different room for each thought that, collectively, became your opinion of someone then you may be able to imagine the number of rooms you will need to have in such a property.


As mentioned previously, this works on a sliding scale so your childhood best friend from school will need more space than the friend you met at University who you see a few times a year, he will need more space than the work acquaintance who you enjoy having lunch with once a week and individuals you no longer are in contact with will only need a tiny amount of space to live in.


By using your own knowledge of the people around you and this handy housing method, you can quickly work out the people who need the mansions, townhouses, flats, and studio apartments…


Image result for japanese cubicle hotels
… and for that one drunk girl dancing with a street lamp on a night out in Dublin… there are these Japanese cubicle rooms.


In future letters, we will delve into some of the houses you have in your district, take a snoop around some of their rooms and look at what we can do to improve the houses and relationships of the people who occupy our minds. Whether they be friend or foe!


I hope you enjoyed the party, I sure did! The lasagna was as good as my little tummy was hoping and even though Uncle Jerry did get a bit drunk and passed out on the landing, a merry time was had by all.


Kind regards,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management



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