Good people are my favourite types of people.

Good morning,


Today I think we should pop over to the residential district again to look at some properties. In our previous letter we looked at the types of homes you may find in this area and what the bellies of these buildings were filled with.


In life, there are three types of people; those you like, those you don’t like and people you don’t know or haven’t met yet. The internals of these peoples houses differs in what their rooms should be used for and mean. In today’s letter, we are going to look at the houses of people you like and are fond of.


Let’s start with the bottom floor, as stated in the previous letter, we need to fill up the rooms for your Relationship, History, likes, dislikes and future ambitions


Image result for simba being shown his kingdom
Everything the light touches is our relationship… my love for you is as empty as the plains of Africa.


You can go into as little or as much detail in these rooms as long as it is specific to the person who building you are in. The ‘Relationship room’ should represent what connection you have with the building’s owner, the ‘History’ room should accurately depict the past you share with the person in question and the rooms set aside for the ‘Likes’ and ‘Dislikes’ should be a selection of the things you really value and sometimes irks you about your friend.


The above rooms require you to fill them with basic factual information and opinions. The next room, ‘Future Ambitions’, allows you to think more creatively about how you want your future to be with this person, and for you to draw out a road map for how you want this relationship to develop into the future.


Filling out this information is a very important task as it allows us to fully quantify the relationship we have with this person. The problem with intense relationships, or ones that have spanned a long time, is that it can sometimes be difficult to objectively see the positives or flaws of another person. By filling in these rooms, we are about to highlight areas of the relationship that were previously hidden, and bring greater clarity to the benefits and negatives this person has on your life. 


Image result for bringing into focus
Focus goes in direct contradiction to my usual rule of sticking my head in the sand and ignoring all the difficult things in my life.


Moving into the upper floors of the building, we need to fill in the baggage rooms. This is where the strong memories and emotions we hold with this person are stored. An easy way to do this is to go back to your ‘Likes’ and ‘Dislikes’ rooms and connect each point you made on those lists to an individual moment or event that caused these feelings to come about.


Positive baggage rooms are a great way of remembering the good times and feelings you have shared with this person. It’s really important to work out why these times are so prominent in your mind and why you value them so highly. When you discover out what makes these moments so special, you can start working on making more moments like that happen!


The same is true about the negative baggage rooms but in reverse. Really look into the moments in your past that cast a shadow over you. The ones where the owner of the building has really aggrieved you. As we are focusing on people we like here, we are not looking to get angry and re-light a fire that has long since burnt out, rather work out what it is about those moments that we don’t like and work out strategies so we can avoid these happening again in the future.


Image result for bad memories
You cannot erase those memories of your mates drunkenly nicking your pizzas after you had passed out…


Once all the baggage rooms have been completed, we need to move to the top floor of the building where we find the command centre for the relationship. This is where we take everything we have worked on previously and make plans for the future. I aim to go into more depth into the command centres of these relationship buildings in later letters, but in simple terms, this is how we are going to work this very important space. We are going to take the future ambitions that we have for the relationship, try to build more positive baggage rooms and learn from and forgive the other person for the negative baggage rooms.


I hope the above letter has been helpful, please be aware that you can only break into peoples houses in the town you are mayor of. We do not recommend doing this in the real world as most people can react negatively to this type of behaviour.


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management

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