Escape into a world outside your own!

Good morning,


We’ve just been chilling out in your entertainment district for the last few weeks, trying to work out what we should all be doing with our lives. Big subject I know, maybe you will be able to help?


Last time we spoke, we were discovering the power new hobbies and interests can have on our existing knowledge.  In this letter, I would like to delve into the relaxing effect entertainment can have in our lives; taking us outside our own heads and providing relief from life’s stressors.


Image result for shocking themselves
Trevor no! Have you tried yoga??


Using hobbies as a form as escapism has been common since the first humans hit rocks together to create fire. This is because it’s always been super important we have things in our lives that keep us relaxed and sane. With nowadays endless list of options vying for our time, it’s important to occasionally pay attention so that what we are spending our time doing so we are not wasting it with time sinks.


Not all activities are created equal after all and some hobbies that ‘relax you’, are in fact causing you to stagnate or go backwards in life. I am not going to lie, binge-watching a hit television show, or immersing yourself in an amazing video game are both activities I have previously enjoyed greatly. The problems come when these things happen more regularly and you find yourself spending large portions of your life geared towards doing these destructive activities.


If possible, we want hobbies that relax us while at the same time imbuing us with a sense of accomplishment at the end. It’s not an easy request, especially when a lot of instantly gratifying activities appear much easier to do at the time.


Image result for relaxing
Don’t lose your balance while doing all that relaxing bro…


Honestly, just find things in life that relax you, if you feel less stressed after you have done the thing, you are onto a winner! My next recommendation after that, and it is only a recommendation, is to try and direct your hobbies in a way so they can be as beneficial to your future self as possible.


Actually, I am realising whilst writing this that someone telling you how to live your life might be the specific reasons you are stressing out in the first place. I believe wholeheartedly that we tend to know what we should actually be doing in life. The difficulty is actually listening to the internal voice in our heads and knowing which direction to take the first step.


Remember that some steps are usually better than no steps, so get out there and experiment. I will catch you in a week!


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management


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