Let’s entertain the idea of physically adding and subtracting!

Good morning,

Let’s take a walk down to our entertainment district, I am really looking forward to seeing all the interesting work that is going on down there.


In my previous letter, we audited out hobbies and interests in order to find out where we were spending our time. In this letter, I want to have a look at the first of three questions raised in the initial audit and see if any changes could be put in place to make a real difference:


Am I happy with the body I have?


Have you ever heard someone have a moan about trying to change a part of their body? They want to get thinner, stronger or look better? Maybe you have found yourself saying something similar perhaps? It is something that most of us will think about at least once in our lives and so we should definitely look into it a bit further.


The conventional wisdom regarding changing your body is usually a two-pronged approach. Move more and eat less. This a great advice and is proven to work. I personally, however, find this answer to be a little bit lazy and so would like to propose a slightly more nuanced response.


When talking about change, we need to keep in mind that this is a combination of two simple things. Subtracting something from our lives and Adding something into our lives. In this situation, we are removing negative habits and trying to add in better, more positive habits.


Image result for eating fatty foods
Fuel my lifestyle and drown me in transfats damn you!


Let’s look back at the list you made for your daily hobbies and habits (If you haven’t done this yet then you can click here to find out the best way how). When I first did this I saw a list of sedentary things I enjoyed and internally wept, knowing that I needed to sort my self out or I too was going to end up in a place I did not want to be in further down the road.


Three pillars of bodily fitness I want to highlight today are below. If each of these is taken care of then you can consider yourself on the right path:

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility


Now is the time you need to ask yourself a very important question as you walk around your entertainment district. Do the things you do on a daily basis contribute to your ideal body, or do they like a leash drag you back to your lazyboy chair, pulling your deeper and further away from where you want to be?


Today I want to propose a bit of simple subtracting and addition to you and your entertainment district. I want you to check your list and find one activity on there that you find particularly offensive…


Image result for offended
I used to play a lot of football manager… The time I spent on those games would make you want to suck a lemon.


Find the building that holds that activity and slap a big old ‘CONDEMNED’ sign on the front door. The building won’t like you doing that, and It may get stronger and bigger before you are able to fully tear it down. The next step is the most important one, however…


You need to have something to replace this building with! The real estate you have just freed up will not remain vacant for very long, these are parts of your habits after all. You only have a short amount of time to proactively choose a new hobby or activity that will take the place of your old building. Make sure you have a hobby that is physical and improves your strength, endurance or flexibility and plant it in the ground and help it grow every time your old habit tries to rear its ugly head, by watering it and giving it your time and energy.


I hope this letter has been useful, I have been trying to get the other employees of Rose-blanc town management services interested in a local 5k race that’s happening. I found that attaching a fishing rod to their backs with doughnuts hooked on the end was quite the motivator!


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management

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