Sound the drums of war, we have a money battle to win!

Good morning,


Holy smokes, it looks like we are back in the financial district and looking to measure up our financial muscle. How hard could your hit financially if you really had to bring your strength to bear?


The offensive ability of your town financially is directly proportional to how much money you can bring in on a regular basis. Without a base level of money coming in every month, the functions of your town and life will quickly become a lot more difficult to maintain. This will negatively affect the lifestyle you have become accustomed to and could spin your life right out of whack.


Image result for falling out of the sky
Goodbye, good intentions and best-laid plans, it was fun whilst it lasted!


Imagine that you are walking down an aisle with cheering fans on either side, you are heading towards a boxing ring in the distance. The lights are blaring in front and around you and an announcer’s voice can be heard over the speakers.


“Now entering the arena, your Mayor, the person representing everyone in this room is coming into the ring. A strong fighter, who is battling for the pride of this fair town!” A cheer erupts from around the room.


“Their competitor tonight is the toughest of the tough, how will the mayor handle the pressure? There is only one way to find out, in tonight’s main bout!


You climb into the ring and see your opponent in the opposite corner. A mass of muscle, reminiscent of Mike Tyson but taller… and on steroids. The beast in front of you turns and looks you up and down.


“In the left corner, your Mayor, and in the right corner, is … Life!”


The announcer’s voice lowers into the rising cheer, you walk forward, touch gloves and… Ding.


Image result for mike tyson
Lifes a bad mutha… make sure you own it and not the other way round.



Financially, having more ability to earn give you more firepower when you have to get in the ring and throw some punches with life. Money can’t buy you happiness, but it sure as hell can help!


So, you need to get a pen and paper out again and do some maths. Let’s calculate how much money you bring in per year. This could all be from one main job or split between multiple side gigs and freelance operations. The more money you can get in your war chest on a regular basis, the greater the number of options and opportunities you have and can take.


Now I don’t want to make any of you feel “Not good enough” or “Guilty” for the money you can bring in. I want every town and mayor who may be reading this to have enough money so that they can meet their needs and achieve happiness in life. The important message to take away from this letter is that, wherever you are on the path to meeting your earning goals, Rose-blanc town management services wants to help you get there.


Image result for thumbs up
We’ll all get there… I bet my favourite pet squirrel on the fact that we will all get there!


The next time you and I find ourselves in these offices, we are going to look at your towns grand old financial defence. Financial offence and defence are both important yet difficult to get right. Don’t worry though, as always we are going to go into greater depths on these subjects in future letters.


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management

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