Oh my god Becky, look at that sleep!

Good morning,


In today’s letter, I would like to take you to the slumber factory, where we can wander around its busy halls. It’s been a while since we were last there, and I would like a refresher on the importance of the sleep infused fuel it produces.


I think it’s good to have regular reminders of the importance restful sleep has on your days. Every part of your town can be rejuvenated through reliable rest! In this letter, I am going to share one of the brilliant reasons sleep is such a good cleanser of a restless mind. If you want to read any of of my previous letters on the subject, you can be an absolute star and catch them here.


Image result for someone cleaning a mess
Yeah, let’s get right in the corner. Being shouted in today’s meeting is not going to mentally deal with itself…


Dreams, they are great, right? Hallucinatory films playing in your mind while you sleep. Its a byproduct of the slumber factory and has stumped scientists for as long as we have been capable of forming complex thought. I want to highlight their importance today, however, as they are one of the interesting things that really sets us apart from many other things in the world.


There are people who believe dreams to contain future prophecies and windows into your mind’s desires… I don’t know much about that, but there is something I do know. Dreams are the vehicle in which memories are moved from the short term (working) memory in your brain to the long term memory in your hippocampus. In simple terms, they are super important.


Image result for long
It doesn’t matter how good your long term memory is, you still won’t remember where you left your keys…


This process has many benefits, not only does it increase your ability to remember things but also helps you to recall those memories quicker and with more clarity. Memory is something we can fall into the trap of taking for granted. Honestly, this is because we, on the whole, are able to remember a hell of a lot of things. Your memory is a machine, however, that constantly needs feeding to be maintained. The fuel it uses, of course, is… sleep!


If the cocktail to better and more efficient thoughts are sleep and dreams then I for one are happy to raise a glass to it!


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management.




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