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How much time do you need to do your job right? You wouldn’t want a time limit to be placed on a scientist coming up with a new groundbreaking discovery, would you? That could result in some very interesting outcomes. Today,  I would like to take you back to your towns power plant, there is an epidemic of scheduling issues that towns are facing and I want to ensure that you are not one of the mayors affected.


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You can’t rush genius… case in point above.


In my previous letter on this subject, we discussed the need for the refreshing benefits of sleep and what it does for your town. In this letter there is one important concept, you can master, that could make a massive impact on your town for the rest of your life.


Two words “Sleep opportunity”.


If you have played or watched a sports game like football or basketball, you will know how difficult it can be, under pressure, to score a goal or hit a basket. You could find yourself skying the ball or awkwardly throwing it too hard at the backboard and having it bounce innocently back at you. The issue is with these methods of earning points for your team, however, is that winning more of them than your opponent is vital to winning the match!


As someone who has been painfully average at sports his whole life, I would like to propose a few small adjustments made to the two sports mentioned above. If the football nets and basketball rings were made larger on your opponent’s side, we would effectively be making it easier for us to score points and win the game. This may be classed as poor sportsmanship or even cheating by some with greater athletic ability but if you are looking for an advantage then its a pretty good strategy.


Image result for cheating at sports
Me blowing the ball?? No, I just need to lie down, right here…


What would you say if I told you that there was a way to get a similar helping hand in your day to day life without your peers and idols scoffing and looking down at you? You would be interested, yes?


In your power station, when the fatigue levels hit a high enough level, you and your town will revert back to your sleeping state. During your sleeping state, your power plant is busy trying to take your fatigue and turn it into sleep energy. This new energy then allows you and your town to work at 100% when you wake up. Like with the sports games above, the greater or smaller amount of opportunity you give your power station to do its job, the more varying chance you’ll have at reducing your fatigue levels and a feeling well rested-ness when you wake up.


As with the above-proposed rule changes, if you gave your power plant more time to convert your fatigue into sleep energy, you will surely be increasing your chance of hitting greater levels of wakefulness in the morning and therein winning at the game of life!


The difference between giving yourself more sleep opportunity and changing the rules of a popular sports game is as follows: for the sports changes to work in practice, you would, unfortunately, need to allow your opponents the same advantages you yourself are enjoying or you would quickly find yourself without anyone fun to play with! Giving yourself the advantage of more sleep opportunity is not something that needs to be given your opponents, however. Your opponents, in this case, is the following day’s trials and tribulations. Simply put, the next day does not scale up in difficulty with the more sleep you get.  In fact, as many of will know after a glorious night of restful sleep, our ability to deal will the difficulties and challenges of life improve when we have slept properly the night previous.


Image result for tears
I tried to learn Hungarian once… no amount of sleep could stop me from mispronouncing every semi learnt word I tried there…


Therefore, more sleep equals a greater ability to operate through life and make good decisions. Life does not scale it’s difficult upwards when you get more capable, in fact, the opposite is true, life gets easier as your sleep energy gets more formidable.


So the one thing Rose-Blanc town management services highly recommend is giving yourself and your towns powerplant the sufficient amount of sleep opportunity time it needs! Popular Science has found that if you give yourself 8.5 hours of sleep opportunity then you have a very good chance of your powerplant digesting all your stored fatigue and leaving you well rested and ready to take on everything life has to offer.


Be intentional and generous when scheduling your sleep opportunity time. It might be the best thing you ever do.


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management

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