Getting that good stuff you need!

Good morning,


We all know that sleep is important in functioning properly. Every night we drift down into the warm comforting embrace of slumber. What do you do however if you find yourself unable to drop off to sleep? Let’s look at the weird liboic stage where your town wants to shut off and let your power station start its important work, but for some reason, is unable too…


Your power station uses a rising tide of Melatonin to encourage feelings of tiredness that eventually help drift you off to sleep. This Chemical can be obtained in your brains pharmacy and used as a natural way to set you on the motorway towards dreamsville, population you.


Image result for drug store
Right, so where do I get the 200mg of Slumber, hmm?


The process of ‘Getting to sleep’ used to happen quite naturally in the past. Before electricity was harnessed to extend our days with powerful lights and blinding screens, we had much fewer barriers in the way to slumber. The sun would go down, our brain would see the diminishing light, our circadian sleep rhythm would encourage the feelings of tiredness and your towns drug store would order a batch of melatonin to be released.


With all the distractions of modern life, the unnatural extension of our days and mounting stressors placed upon us, sleep for some may feel out of reach. These crises being felt in the power stations of towns across the world are producing terrible results. People with lower happiness, productivity and power to achieve are waking up every morning with dampened abilities to affect the changes they want in their lives due to the sleep debts they are accruing.


While writing this, I am aware some of you may disagree with my words on the amount of sleep you need to function. You may look at your sleep schedule and scoff, thinking that you are absolutely fine with fewer hours of sleep you enjoy.


To those above, you may indeed be one of the tiny percentage of people who do not need the recommended 7 – 9 hours sleep per night to function properly. For the majority though, getting enough sleep is the difference between feeling ready to take on the day and every action becoming a painful, caffeine-fueled slog…


Image result for shaun of the dead zombie
Must… have… coffee…


However much you normally sleep, I would like to propose regular campaigns organised through the streets of your town advocating getting just a little bit more sleep for those who need it. I am confident, if a politician went on an election run promising deep, natural and refreshing sleep for all, they would win in a landslide!


That’s what I stand for then, more fulfilling sleep for all. You want to be smarter, have more energy and become an upgraded version of your best self? Let Doctor Rose-Blanc prescribe you an improved dose of the good stuff! Sweet dreams, and good night.


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management

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