When all the lights go out…

Good morning,


I think today it would be a good idea to take a trip down to the building that has long powered your town and given it the energy to make its way to its current point. This building is your towns power station and uses sleep as fuel to keep the lights on and buildings operational in your town.


This building has been a faithful servant to you throughout the years, recharging every night, drawing up energy for use during your days and allowing you to power all the different activities and buildings you have in operation in your town. If you have ever felt more tired than expected, not been able to sleep soundly or found yourself not prioritising sleep in your schedule then you may want to learn more about your power station!


Image result for Tired
Bad sleep makes baby cry… and Ryan, it makes Ryan cry as well.


The Power station operates on a very simple idea. Whilst you are asleep, most buildings in your town go offline and use up a tiny amount of energy in comparison to their consumption during the day. In this time, your power station is able to extract powerful energy throughout sleep and store that energy for use throughout the next day.


When you wake the next day, the energy you have stored up is slowly used by the buildings in your town, and in its place, fatigue appears in the batteries of your power station. As the fatigue builds in your batteries, the pressure on your power station to revert back to its offline state, where it can extract more sleep energy, also builds.


Once the amounts of fatigue reach a certain level, and other important criteria are met, your power station is able to revert back into its sleeping state. This turns off the wider functions of the town and allows the now full stores of fatigue to be replaced by a rich incoming batch of sleep energy. Once the fatigue levels drop low enough and your energy tanks are full to the brim, wakefulness for you and your town respectively should come naturally.



Image result for early morning exercise
“Honey… if you ever want to be one of those weirdos working out on the beach at 5:30 am then you need to get your sleep!”


Sleep Energy and Fatigue, therefore, weave an intricate dance that controls the sleep and wakeful behaviour of our lives and towns respectively. This process should naturally flow and leave us all blessed with pleasant andĀ restorative sleep every night.


You may be asking then, why do I often struggle to fall asleep? And, if this is such a ‘natural’ process Ryan, then why do I rarely feel well rested in the morning?


These are great questions and something we can look at together! However healthy your power station looks from the outside, there may be things happening internally which are preventing you from sleeping and feeling the wide benefits that sleep can bring.


In future letters, we are going to boldly enter our power stations and have a snoop around its different processes, work out what is happening in there and try to figure out what’s going wrong! Once this has been completed, we will be able to discuss any changes that need to be made to our routines or behaviours and get you well on your way to being a part of the sleep rich!


Image result for jaunty Crown
You don’t get a crown that big if you aren’t the king of Slumbertown!


Depending on what time you received and are reading this letter, I would recommend, putting it down, tumbling into bed and diving into your favourite dream. Rest assured, the benefits you will receive from this sleep are backed by the world-renowned medical facilities at Rose-Blanc Town management.


Good night and sweet dreams!


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management


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