Stop in the name of the Margin!

Good morning,


All you busy people put your hands in the a-yer!


Oh wait, you are all working. I should have thought about that. How are all the over-stressed and worked people going to find the time to read this is they are all to busy at the grindstone? That’s a question for the ages…


I will publish this letter here, in a nice safe and calming place, ready for when the inevitable breakdown hits and they are left persuading their boss that no matter how much they ‘will’ their body to behave, they can not leave their beds. All the while watching the third season of breaking bad… again.


Image result for staying up all night watching television
Can’t even reach the chips from here… Why are you so difficult world!


Even those with engines in our chests will run out of steam eventually. For someone getting after it, making progress and doing the ‘thing’, is king. Unfortunately, the best way to ruin any progress is to burn out and have your batteries drain completely. A top priority, therefore, should be to keep the parts in your engine lubricated and in top condition at all times.


The specialist mechanic who could be working on your vehicle is Margin. By locking into your schedule every day some solid margin, you can switch off the raging fire in your brain. Giving it a break and stopping the disaster driving you 100 miles an hour towards the edge of melt-down.


If Margin sounds like another thing to add onto the mountain of daily tasks you have on your plate already, fear not. Margin is not a line on your daily to-do list that needs completing. It’s the opposite, the anti-action, the decision to be unlively. Margin is the subtraction of the stressors making you lose your mind in the first place.


Image result for maths problem
Who knew that primary school subtraction would be this useful, eh?


If you find yourself riding a tsunami wave of busyness, why not prescribe yourself a shot of Margin? It will improve your work, and give you the stamina to keep doing it for longer!


I don’t want to fear monger, but we can all experience burn out. A seed was planted in us at birth that if watered with stress can grow gnarled within our souls. Do you want to be a pleasant person, that people want to be around? Take care of yourself then, and ensure you are not blighted by an unglamourous breakdown. Margin is the medicine!


Happy hunting you hard workers, and take care of yo’ selves!


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management.































































































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