Lets go Playa, its party time!

Good morning,


After all the effort you have been putting into your work building recently I wanted to whisk you away for a bit of R&R at your entertainment district. This is where the people of your town go to let their hair down, have a good time and make drunken memories. Unfortunately, there is no rest in store for you and me though, no, we have work to do here!


Traveling away from the formality of your working district and we find ourselves in a much more relaxing area. Here, you should be able to find any activity that you do for entertainment or enjoyment in your life. This will include your, interests, passions and hobbies. What a place!


Lets, make our way towards the information center in this district and try to make some sense of what’s going on. Here you can start to put some organization into where you spend your time and how you enjoy yourself. Very importantly as well, you will be able to find out here whether your town currently has an entertainment drought or is filled to the brim with things to do and see.


Image result for barren wasteland
If looking at this resembles your entertainment district then I would recommend visiting your nearest fungi for some great soup tips and hobbies.


The important thing we need to do in this district is to work out where we spend our time, money and energy when it comes to entertainment. This means we need to audit ourselves on this exact subject (I told you in my previous letter, this may become a regular exercise). Let’s have a look what is going on!


First, you should draw your weapon of choice, pen and paper or laptop, and make a list of the things you do when not working or socializing*. Just spatter gun as many things you can think of on the page. You should create a list in front of you that you consciously know you spend your time doing on a daily basis. Well done, this is the first step.


*Note: Spending time with your loved ones and friends can also be in your entertainment district but should be viewed as a block of the time, money and energy you spend only. We will go into your besties and famalams in future letters.


The next thing I want you to do is to go through a normal day and take notes of everything you do relating to entertainment. This is super important in working out the differences between what we think we spend our time doing and what we actually do. If your anything like me, this can be a struggle, I believe in you though and that is why I am going to add another layer of challenge to this little task. If possible, I want you to note the amount of time you spend doing these tasks as well!


Image result for mind blown
To say that your mind will be blown by the information you gather from this may be an understatement.


When I usually recommend something like this, I get the below response,


“But dude, if I am recording what I am doing all the time, I am not truly relaxing! I work hard and don’t want to have to think about these things. I owe it to myself to just be able to relax and do what I want!”.


I tend to nod my head respectfully to this and when they have stopped talking I remind them that I do not recommend that an audit lasts for the rest of your lives. This is only a fact-finding mission. An audit helps to work out how you are spending your time, money and energy in the short term, so in the long term, you can make yourself more productive, wealthy and happy.


When I do this, I like to try and do it over a few days, 3 always feels like a good solid number. That way, I can factor in the odd mistake and slip up in my recordings. Once you have an in-depth record of where you have used your time, you can then move on to the next stage and start analyzing what you are doing, why you are doing it and whether these things are helping to build you into a healthier, happier and more super version of you.


I will write to you again soon, I hope you found the contents of this letter useful. If you didn’t then please feel free to write back to me calling me a baboon.


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management

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