Why become a Mayor?

Hello again,

Today I want to talk to you about why taking on the task of being your own Mayor is super important. Why taking control of the chaos and disorder in your own town can be incredibly fun, and why doing this can create a greater understanding of our own problems and complexities.

Now I mentioned in my last letter to you that your town is within your mind, this is still the case. You may find this an odd thought but I want to assure you that this will make the process of managing it much easier.  The real benefit of being the mayor of your own mind is that you can create separations between all the different sides of your life and allow the margin for self-analysis, recovery, and improvement to form.

Your town is filled with all the things in your life, all the choices you make and all the random things that make you, you. Now imagine that every part of your life needs to be assigned a plot of land in your town. The size and importance of the building that can be built on this plot of land will depend directly on the amount of time and energy you spend on it, on average, every day.

Now unless you have one of those fancy time machines, you will only have a set amount of time and energy to spend every day. This means that even though your town is quite large to hold onto all your past memories, present activities and future hopes and dreams, it does have a finite size. This constraint will have caused a natural divide between your town, with the pressing thoughts and day to day activities moving into the fancy high rise buildings and the fleeting musings and memories of which day exactly your distant cousin’s birthday is on, being pushed out to the poorer parts of town.

Now with the above information, you may be able to close your eyes and imagine a town of your own design rolling out in front of you, skyscrapers, or sprawling favelas churning out of the ground as you, at a glance, think about the important and less important parts of your day to day life. In future letters, we will be looking at specific districts within your town and suggest improvements that can be made to the running of these sectors.

Now as mentioned previously, becoming the Mayor of your town allows you to separate the parts of your life so they can be analyzed and improved. Now I am aware that your life may interconnect in various ways with other parts of your life, this is natural and normal. Like in a physical city, making changes to one part can have knock-on effects on other areas, the skill comes in when deciding what changes you would like to make in your town, and what knock-on effects that may have on other aspects of your life.

In future letters, we are going to work through different areas of people’s lives and look at ideas and actions that could be considered for use in your town. In my next letter specifically, we are going to look at how to do your first town’s audit. Exciting times!

I will write to you again soon. If you have any questions regarding your town then feel free to reach me via pigeon or smoke signal.

Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management

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