Entertainment starvation…

Good morning,


We were very productive in our previous letters. I think we can all celebrate with a bit of relaxation and recuperation down in the entertainment district. Lets jump in the limo and work our way through the traffic to see what’s going down in that part of town.


Its been a while since we showed our faces here last. If you are a bit confused where you are, you may not have read the earlier letters I sent from this place. You can read them here, herehere and here. I am not going to toot my own horn, but they are not half bad.


Image result for excited by reading
Oh damn, show me more of dem pictures mother…


If you are familiar with this area, hopefully, you have been successful in replacing a lot of your old hobbies and time sinks with ones that truly bring you joy and benefit your life. Between you and me, it’s okay to have a few lingering guilty pleasures; but keeping too many around could be derailing your future plans for happiness and fulfilment.


The things we fill our lives with outside work can feed into other areas of our days and improve the skills we already possess. Another major benefit is the respite they can provide to the stressors we have in our lives. Without such releases, we would quickly become overloaded and set on the fast track to burn out.


Arguably, the very best activities are ones that check both the above boxes. Have ones that only do one, can be super important as well – it all depends on what is important to you. What we choose to fit into our days is something you get more control over the older you get. This is also why, without our knowing, bad habits and junk activities can become ingrained in our daily lives.


Image result for unhealthy food
If you could all get in my belly that would be great. Yes, form a queue, please?



This letter is not going to turn into another audit of your activities though; we can do another one of those in the future. I would, however, recommend running a mental checklist to see if any bad habits have worked their way into your district since our last visit. If you do find any, it may be interesting to look at how these activities have been allowed to enter your life altogether. Maybe a class project for the future!


In reality, this is a bit of an introduction to two future letters that will be arriving in the coming weeks. Each is going to delve a little deeper into those hobbies that bolster areas of your life, and others that provide relief from other parts. It can be embarrassingly easy to take our routines for granted and let poor habits go unnoticed. When they do, its time to make a change!


I hope you will find the coming letters as useful as I did writing them. Pay close attention to your letterboxes because they are on their way!


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management


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