Do anything and everything… within reason.

Good morning,


Do you know what’s freaking awesome? When you realise that something you learnt from one area of your life has improved the experience of another. Super satisfying!


Sounds obvious I know, but when there is a point to be made, I sometimes like to go back to basics. Herein lies the reason we are still hanging out in your Entertainment district. The hobbies and activities you fill your days with can be a major resource to use on your quest for more knowledge and experience.


The thing that interests me is that your exposure to different ideas and cultures will depend on the type of interest or hobby you try. This means that the future knowledge you may learn will be vastly different based on what you do! Learning new information is key for working out what your opinion is on certain issues, and knowing how to defend the positions you take in future discussions.


Image result for soldiers on a castle wall
Oh yeah, you can’t beat my arguments from all the way up here! Go away, peasants…


Luckily, on earth, there are more activities than one person could ever hope to enjoy in a lifetime. With the help of the internet, you can find interesting hobbies from all across the world, and pick them up without too much of a fuss.


The key to doing things that will improve your life is to choose something that will stretch you as a person and put you in the shoes of others. Funnily enough, when you do something you have never done before, you have the possibility of learning new things from it. Who knew, eh?


When you start taking on a large amount of new knowledge from a hobby, your whole outlook on life will change. If you consistently do something new over a long period of time, you will break down barriers within your mind and push past where you previously thought was possible.


Image result for running through wall
Yes, erm you too can break through those things holding you back in life… helmets save lives people.


Now let me guess, the next question you want to ask is ‘Ryan, what should I do to give me the greatest benefit???’


This is not the first time, and it surely will not be the last, but its disappointment time. This ain’t no top 10 list! The damned annoying thing of being the Mayor of your own town and life is that there are no shortcuts. You will have to choose what you want to add to your life. Plus, between you, me and the bedsheets, the fact that you are going to make your own choice and not delegate this decision to someone else is pretty badass!


This is the journey we are all on, and decisions have to be made about how we spend our time. If you ever fancied writing back to me some time, I would love to learn about how some random bit of information has improved another part of your life. It’s always something I find interesting to read!


Be ready for next weeks letter, where we will look at hobbies that allow our brain to rest from the stressors of life, it’s going to be fantastic.


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management


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