The efficiency of movement.

Good morning,


When looking at the structural strength of your town; you, me and the people who live in its districts would probably feel more confident knowing your buildings are safely built with good foundations.


If two architectural firms came to your mayoral office and offered to build the same building for you at the same cost, how would you choose between them? I would recommend looking at who had the best track record for building structures to the highest of standards, so confidence can be felt knowing the finished product will be in the best condition and last the longest.


With a well-built infrastructure and set of buildings in your town, you can logically expect a more efficient and useful settlement. I want to draw a connection from your well-built town to the way you have built your biological self. Taking away from any aesthetic or vanity reasons, I want to focus on your bodies functionality and usefulness in doing its daily activities.


Image result for road works
Do you like tailbacks and delays? Lets remove all these from ourselves!


As Mayors, you have the power to put into law ideas and behaviours that will improve the functions of your town and life. If your town’s health is used as a metaphor for your bodies health then it follows that you should aim to safely build yourself into becoming as strong, functional and long-lasting as possible.


Now I firmly believe that if you hope to change someone’s behaviours by knocking them over the head with enough force then pushing them further away from you and having them become more entrenched in their beliefs will be your only accomplishment.


I am, therefore, not going to be one of those guys to give you a sermon about exercise and fitness. I hate it when I hear people talk like that and see no reason in alienating a whole load of people. The only point I will make is that if our bodies are the vehicles that take us through life, having that vehicle in its best possible condition can only help you through the journey.


Image result for body mechanics
Lifting boxes will only turn you blue if you forget to breathe at the same time…


Thankfully there are already buildings and districts within your town we will be able to use to improve the mechanics and fitness within your body. Spoiler alert the entertainment district is going to be a lifesaver here!


As a town planner, I am very interested in helping the mayors I work with. Improving your health and fitness will strengthen the important buildings you use regularly in your town. There are different sides to health and fitness I am eager to look into in more detail. Closer inspections will be made within the Rose-Blanc town management offices and future letters will be sent. Keep your letterboxes open for future mail!


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management


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