Let me introduce you to your comfort rings.

Good morning!


In life, we all travel wildly different paths that take us to the peaks of high achievement all the way down to the troughs of despair. Whichever way your life takes, it is fair enough to say that you are going to go through a lot of stuff. Some of these things will be easier to deal with than others, but in each instance, a response will need to be drawn up and executed to proceed.


Taking a look at how comfortable we all feel when doing our regular activities is the first step in understanding our comfort levels in different areas of life. Imagine looking at a top-down map of your town, surrounding these limits, a big circle can be drawn around a short distance in every direction. Within the space between your town limit and this boundary is where you can fit everything you feel comfortable doing in.


Related image
Other town comfort ring shapes are available from the comfort shape store…


Within your town, there is a small agency who employs a very special set of people, who put little flags withing and outside your comfort ring. Every time you want to know your comfort level relating to a specific activity of behaviour, a brave member of your town runs out and plants a flag relating to this task either inside or outside your comfort bubble.


If the task on your mind is more complex, more than one flag may need to be planted in the ground. Each one of these flags will represent different aspects of these thoughts and are connected by a string as they dart around your comfort ring. When sending out your flag planters out into your comfort ring, feel free to plant as many of these markers as you need to accurately plot the complexity of the task in hand.


Image result for Falling over
Don’t fall too far off your comfort zone guys, you can’t pull this level of cuteness…


You may notice something strange here. There will be strings of flags that will go in and out of your comfort zone. This is normal, there is not a person alive who lives exclusively within or outside their comfort zones. Having an existence that works in both these areas is an important factor in pushing us forward in life and also not burning out from moving too fast.


The idea of comfort fascinates me as a town planner. The amount of it you have as mayor powerfully affects the directions your town takes. With this in mind, please don’t be surprised if more letters on the subject come your way.


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management





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