Embassies of different colours and size.

Good morning,


In this letter, I would like to introduce you to a new type of building and district in your town. This new area is called the Embassy district and you can probably already guess what you can find there… yep, Embassies!


These buildings are very important tools to help deal with other people and their towns. Within the walls of each embassy, we can use the information we have on different people to make plans about the relationships we have and proactively guide the interactions we have with people in order to get the most positive outcomes.


Image result for embassies
Look at all these nice countries buddying up next to each other!


One of the fantastic things about the embassy district is that there are no building restrictions here! You as mayor are completely within your rights to build as many of these as you would like/ or feel are necessary. This means for every important relationship or tricky person in your life, you can have one of these places to be filled with your towns diplomats and analysts.


For certain aspects of your life, you may want to build bigger embassies which have the resources to overlook broader areas of your life. Your work, entertainment and residential districts come to mind here and would probably benefit from a centralised building you can use to plan the messages you want to put into these areas of your life.


So what’s the big deal with these embassies anyway, why do you need these in your town? Well as is the case in the real world, countries use similar buildings when interacting with other nations. The wide uses these buildings have are too numerous to mention in one letter to you here but importantly they act as diplomatic hubs for both the town they are placed in and the person or town the embassy has been assigned to.


Image result for writing a messages
If I keep this pen on the page long enough, it may, in fact, start writing itself!


Adjusting the way you talk, and being intentional in the way you communicate is not “selling out” or “changing who you are to fit in”. Learning how to communicate effectively is as much about knowing in yourself what message you want to tell people as it is understanding how different people receive messages in different ways.


Embassies are the buildings you can go to hear the recommendations from your diplomats on how to best give your message to the people you want to hear it the most. Spending a little bit of time working out how the people around you take in information will improve their receptiveness to what you have to say, and pay off in greatly for you in your future relationships.


If all this talk of communication, messages and working out what you want to say is a bit too much, worry not. There will be more letters coming to you on these subjects in the future!


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management

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