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Good morning,


Today I would like to sit down and talk to you, not about your town, but what is outside your sphere of influence. It is important to appreciate that we are not alone in the world, and to not talk about what is outside your town limits would set you up to make avoidable mistakes in the future.


I have hired a hot air balloon for us, let’s get in and fly high above your town. Get out a big old telescope, you can borrow mine, and look at what you can see. Far below us is your town which is within your control, further afield, however, you should notice other settlements and buildings in the distance moving across the expanse.


Image result for telescope
See, boy. If you look carefully you may be able to notice two very particular looking people in that hot air balloon.


You may wonder what you are seeing out there…


You are witnessing the towns of other Mayors like yourself, who have their own districts and buildings that need looking after. Everyone you’ve met so far and will meet in the future has enough going on in their lives to fill whole towns worth of information. Understanding that these settlements are outside of your control and require someone else to solely manage can be both a scary and empowering thought in equal measure.


Every person alive on earth has their own town out there. Whether or not they are aware of their settlement or their responsibilities as mayors, they each have one somewhere. Being aware of this can have a number of benefits when you eventually come into contact with other settlements.


Other towns can impact you in both positive and negative ways. They can help and hurt you. Some are bigger and more powerful and others smaller with fewer means. It can be hard to know how well run peoples towns are before meeting and getting to know them. It is important, therefore, to approach each meeting with new mayors openly with the understanding you could be engaging with settlements varying in their levels of order and chaos.


Image result for order and chaos
We all know that one person who dumped far too much chaos on their towns plate and now has no idea how to balance it out!


Remember that all towns have mayors who are proud of certain things and insecure about others. Appreciating the complexity of the people you interact with on a daily basis, and the struggles they may be facing as the mayor of their very own towns will help guide the choices we make when dealing with others.


There are many things to look at on the interior and exterior of your town. In future letters, we are going to continue improving the different buildings within our town but also look outwardly to make sure we can interact and operate with those around us in the best possible way.


Onwards and upwards my mayoral friends.


Yours faithfully,


Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management


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