Marginal balance and leeches!

Good morning everybody,


In this letter, I would like to speak to you about people.  More specifically other people and the effect they have on you when they want your attention. Having people want your time is a double-edged sword as undoubtedly it is a compliment to have people want to be around you and hear your ideas. The leaching effect these people can have on your time, energy and money if unchecked, however, can also be the same as releasing a bull in the china shop of your schedule and life.


Lets first appreciate how nice it is to be well received and liked. If people want to be around you, have you as a collaborator or just listen to what you have to say then they are showing a real appreciation for what you can offer as a human being. I can say with confidence that becoming someone people want to have relationships with will naturally increase the pool of people you come into contact with and your chances of progressing in life!


Image result for spider web
Be the Spider in your social web and devour all who get trapped there… No wait, actually don’t do that.


Learning and becoming good at the intricate dance of human relations can be difficult but incredibly rewarding. It is, after all, one of those things that we all take a part in and need in order to achieve the levels of success we desire.


People are very good at noticing those around them who are making waves and positive moves in their desired pursuits. The interesting thing about this point is that it doesn’t actually matter what you are skilled in. People notice the areas where others are better than them and can sometimes look at these abilities as something that can provide them with advantages to their own lives.


Image result for ladder
Do you want to be someone else’s ladder? Because this is what you become if you let people turn you into their ladder…


As people become more outwardly successful, the number of those who may want to snatch some of your time, money and energy will also rise. Most of these people will not, in fact, be aiming to inconvenience you at all, and will be instead focusing on what cool amazing things you can do together. This and the positive change it possibly will make to their life by associating with you.  These attempts to grab parts of you will be the exact actions that will turn them into margin leeches.


Most people have different thresholds to how much of themselves they feel comfortable giving to people. This is dependant on their personality, previous experiences and value they place on their time. The time given away, however, should be distributed intentionally and fit within the life schedule that makes you happy. Like a particularly adventurous dog during a walk, if you don’t keep your eyes on it, they can run away from you and get lost chasing birds in far off fields.


Image result for 3 dogs running
Time, Energy and Money, what have I told you about running off like that, you had me worried sick!


Herein lies the problem. You shouldn’t feel bad about giving yourself to people, just make sure that you treat your time, money and energy like the valuable resources they are. Be intentional with the amount you give away to others and you will find gaps begin to appear that are primed for filling with the activities in life you truly enjoy.


With enough balance, there is enough of yourself to truly indulge in what you enjoy and to use the experience and skills you have picked up along the way to lift others in their journey.


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management


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