How much margin makes a maverick?

Good morning,


At ease Mayor, you can relax, we are not going anywhere today. Let’s just have a sit down in your office and take some time to remember what the important things are in life. Would you like a hot drink, Coffee? Tea? Hot Chocolate?


Life can sometimes throw things onto your plate at a faster rate than you can clear them off? Do you know that feeling? Tightness in your chest, adrenalin tingles going through your fingers and a tumourous desire to thwack anyone who shoulder barges their way into your schedule uninvited? Yeah, it’s not fun!


An overly busy life is populated with a mix between good-intentioned favours, work-related arrangements and unforeseen problems that bite you on the bum. When these mount up, you may find yourself playing Tetris with your time schedule trying to fit everything in for completion.


In these bloated and bulging days, you only need one more request or an appetising opportunity to come along for things already in the schedule to slip out and have disaster approach you at an alarming rate.


Image result for hole in the wall game show gif
How I feel when my problems start mounting up…


In the Science labs of the Rose-Blanc town management offices, we have been looking at a concept that we have found quite useful. The term is called ‘Margin’ and through extensive testing, remarkable benefits have been found to everyone who has tried it.


The concept of applying Margin to your life requires you to change how you interact with your schedule, adjust your attitude to the activities and arrangements you agree to complete and bring about a wholesale change to the way you organise your life. Don’t worry, as always, I plan to send you future letters on these subjects for your reading pleasure.


The book that first piqued my interest in this subject was ‘Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives’. The book covers margin in regards to your work, relationships, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and even has some messages on finances as well.


Image result for Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives


The message of giving yourself more space to live an objectively less cluttered life is something that is fully supported by myself and Rose-Blanc town management. I would recommend picking up this book if you ever have the inkling to expand your thoughts on this subject.


*Note: The above book, does have heavy Christian overtones and if you are not religious then you may find it off-putting in certain sections. Rose-Blanc Town management services do recommend this book but hold no responsibility for any exasperated eye-rolling or conversions to the Christian faith that may occur .*


Image result for force field
I assert my Margin based authority on you… feel my power!


Pick the book up and see what you think. If reading it all the way through is too much then I will be addressing the points that we find particularly interesting and of significance to the management of our towns in future letters.


If you feel like you need to make more margin between yourself and the words in this letter, I would recommend purchasing one of the Rose-Blanc sponsored catapults and flinging them far, far away.


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management

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