Let’s make it rain… one day… potentially…

Hi, everybody,


In this letter, we are journeying to a new part of your town. Its where all the movers and shakers strike deals and grease the wheels that make the cogs turn in your town. It is, of course, the Financial District!


So your Limousines outside with a chauffeur ready to take you to your towns central bank. You notice as you roll through your town that the buildings are getting grander and the people dressing in flashier and more expensive clothes. You step from your ride in front of a massive building which looms in front of you atop an impressive stack of stairs. You trot up and go through the big open doors and find your self in a big open space.


Image result for central bank
I am thinking, obscene levels of grandeur here… there has to be some reason I have no actual money in my other areas of life!


A great number of the astute looking men and women look up from their mahogany desks and go silent. The tension is palpable, you hear whispers from around the room “It’s the Mayor!”, “Visiting us? Here?”. The excitement is electric.


You stride down the middle of the wide-open space towards a central desk at the far end of the room. With entourage in tow, all their combined feet squeaking and clatting on the polished floor, you approach an elderly banker, slowly raising in excitement and nervousness at your sudden arrival.


And the words that leave your lips cut right through the large open space…


“Where’s the money, Mr Bankowski?”… you are quickly get led into a more private room.


And Scene… I am sorry for going for the dramatic with this letter, but this is an exciting day! Like with all good Police movies, we are now in the process of following the money and finding out how much our little town really has!


Related image
If the town management game doesn’t take me places, I can always follow my second love and become a suffering artiste.


On this first visit to the bank, there are a few questions we need our banker to answer:

  1. What is your towns net worth?

This is the all-important number. In order to find this out, you need to do the below sum

Net worth = Everything you own – Everything you owe.

This does not include the wage from your job/s, that is a less important figure that we will be looking at below. In simple terms, if you were to magically wave a wand and transform everything that was in your name into its base monetary value, how much money would you have?


2. How much money leaves your town every month?

This question is all about your financial defence! After you get paid your wages every month, how much of that money are you able to keep hold of during the following month? Furthermore,  how much from the previous month’s wages are left over at the point where you receive your next pay?


The exact items we spend our money on is something that we will be looking into in a future letter but for now, we need to start thinking about the regularly occurring expenses that keep leaking through our financial net every month. If you find that you have nothing left over at the end of the month, you may be in for a tough time building wealth for the future and becoming amazingly prosperous.


3. How much does your town earn every month?

Now we turn to our financial offence! How much do we earn on a monthly basis? Is it a reliable source of income? Has your town got multiple streams of income or only one? Is your town on a track where its income is set to increase in the future?


The bigger your financial offence, the more clout you have when it comes to making decisions with money. This is another subject that I will dedicate a whole other letter to in the future.


Image result for ancient battle face off
The battle that never stops raging. On one side, my carefully thought out budget and on the other, that think I never knew I needed until I just saw it and now may die if I don’t get.



Knowing your towns financial numbers gives power over your future. Do you want to always be looking at other peoples towns and jealously eyeing up all the interesting things they are doing? Or do you want to take control and carve out a fantastic life for yourself?


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management

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