Margin for the person with all the time.

Good morning,


I want to talk to my previous self for a moment, the man who had no direction or purpose. Before becoming Mayor,  I was a rubber dingy in a ferocious sea. I would be batted around by the waves and currents of life, feeling busyness swirl around me, but going nowhere quick.


Life has a funny way of giving you things to do, whether you want it to or not. You can try clearing your schedule completely but as surely as the sun rises in the morning something new will pop up. I am sure some meditation master would be able to clear their mind for an impressive amount of time, but also be the first to admit the difficulty of such a task.


Image result for failing at meditation
…But they fail at it so well, am I right?


A contender for the most obvious thing I have said ever is, the “world is full of things looking to grab your attention”. People are paid good money to create enticing stuff so you give up your free time and spend it using/watching or playing their particular product.


I spy, with my little eye a trap, designed to suck you into a lethargic web of busy apathy. Brains struggling to stop absorbing incoming input, and societies geared towards producing more and more content. This is how, ultimately, we find ourselves running on life’s treadmill every day but making no progress.


So how do you beat this circle that is so designed to keep you down? MARGIN of course!


To get different results you need to try something different. This is where you can use Margin as a powerful tool to disrupt your bad routines and give your brain the ability to kick itself into a better gear.


Image result for going super saiyan
The possibilities are literally endless, become the goldest version of yourself!


Next time you find yourself in a bad habit, force some solid margin into your day. I’m talking inserting a cast-iron marginal crowbar into the crack of your day and straining that buster open. Stamp out some intentional time, drive a fat ended wedge between that bad thing your doing and the worthless things that would have followed.


I really enjoy doing nothing… more specifically taking a beat, breathing deep and clearing my mind of all possible distractions. This dusts away all built up rust in the cogs of my mind and opens up loads of space for better and more productive things to enter.

Image result for open parking space
Finally a gosh darn space, I have been looking for ages!


Many a day has been saved by interrupting ruinous activities by smashing it over the head with my own personal Marginal hammer… nothing can stand in the way of it!


Try inserting some intentional margin into your wasteful days and see what interesting and entertaining activities may take root.


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management

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