Wages, bets and risks big and small.

Good morning,


Are you feeling lucky? Well, are you punk?


Today I want to meet you to your towns Casinos and talk about the bets and gambles we take in life. Whether you see yourself as a ‘steady-Eddie’ or a bit of a ‘wild child’, I want to try and persuade you to change the opinion and relationship you have with risk.


Everything you do in life is a gamble, every little thing. The difference between the actions we see as risks and those we feel comfortable doing depends on how confident we feel with the task and its previous success rate.


Image result for gambling
I am pretty confident that given enough chances, my luck will come in… Whether I have enough money at the end of it however is another matter.


Honestly, getting out of bed has risks if you break down each action far enough. You could jump out of bed, lose your footing, fall towards the wooden corner of its frame and there you have it… a badly grazed shin! I know, scary stuff right! Is this likely to happen? Not really, but there are still risks involved. What makes us not worry about these actions now is that we have done them successfully for so long, that we feel confident enough to no longer require concentrated thought to complete them.


*Note: Do you remember when you were first learning to walk? Maybe not due to being so young, but you better believe you will have been thinking pretty hard about your movements at the time. That activity would have occupied more brain power than almost anything else your little head could have got itself around at the time. Furthermore, spare a thought for people of the older generation. Think about how much more brain power an 86 year old with arthritis and restricted movement needs to use to get out their front door every day.


Related image
Unless you are thinking about this guy, he is killing it and can get out his door just fine…


Don’t get me wrong though, you shouldn’t do absolutely nothing because of the risks it may have!


Doing nothing has risks as well… of course. When you do nothing, you are making a choice to not say yes to things.


If everything you do has risks then you have two choices:

  1. Run away from the risk and close yourself off from doing anything.
  2. Embrace that you will encounter some risk and that this can be used as a positive force in your life.


Image result for two paths
Which path do you want to skip down you carefree bumblebee?


I am not going to tell you what option you should take (even though this may appear to be the only thing I do when writing to you), but I would highly recommend and preach the benefits to you and your town regarding taking on levels of risk that stretch you and push you to become a stronger person.


There are risks in everything we do. Life itself can be boiled down to one opportunity and risk after another until we eventually stop having the ability to take them anymore.


So to all you risk takers out there, its time to place your bets!


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management

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