Introducing the science lab.

Good morning everyone,


Throughout life, we set ourselves goals. They can be small and simple, or important and complex. On a daily basis, however, we line up tasks that need completing. The interesting thing about working through our goals is that there are usually easier and more difficult ways of reaching the end of each one we set ourselves.


I would like to introduce you to a new building in your town today. The science labs are where experiments in your town take place. Highly intelligent engineers and scientists can be seen running through the hallways, caffeinating themselves at the local coffee shops and working through the difficult problems that are brought to their desks every day.


In this building, the hard-working employees only really enjoy doing a few specific things. Number one on this list is finding out ways to make the tasks and jobs you do on a daily basis even better!


Image result for hard working scientists
Oh dear, he pressed snooze 3 times this morning… can we get some more data in his laziness?


Why do I need a science lab? I am not about all that brainy stuff!


Why is the science lab going to help you? That is a good question. Are there people in the world you look up to? Other towns that you are in awe of? Mayors you gaze at in wonder, wanting to know how they became so successful?


The difference between yourself and the people you look up to can appear vast at times but I want to persuade you differently. The disparity between someone you look up too, and another you don’t can lie in a very simple fact. Those you look up to make the right decisions, complete the correct tasks and think the most appropriate thoughts at the most crucial moments.


Taking away for a moment the time, effort and large amounts of practice it can take to become skilled in a specific area. If you start making better decisions on your day to day tasks you will undoubtedly become more successful in what you pursue.


Image result for falling asleep
I swear I would be as good as Michael Jordan if I could stop eating so many doughnuts…


Okay then, how do you use this science lab?


You ready for the fun part? We need to put our scientists to work and give them some problems to work through. Take an area of your life that you are not satisfied with and put that dissatisfaction into the lab. Next, you need to ensure that both you and your scientists approach these problems in the right way. Having a positive attitude, and being fully on board with the possibility that real change can come from the suggestions your scientists make is super important to taking the process seriously and committing to improving. The biggest derailer of a positive change is self-sabotage and the belief that you can’t change your behaviours and future.


Once you have a fired up team, you need them to work your problems like a boxer would a punching bag. Have them think up possible solutions for you to test out. It doesn’t matter how silly or unconventional a suggestion may seem! If it has the potential to solve your issues and is easily testable – go forth and test! Each time a solution is put on your desk; test its effectiveness and your willingness to do it!


Once you go through a few rounds of this and have tested each solution, you should have some new weapons in your armoury to use when you are next put to the test.


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management.

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