Wait… a second letter from this guy?

Good day too you,

It is so great to talk to you again. I hope you enjoyed my previous letter and were left excited to be soon strutting around your very own town! In our previous correspondence, there were a few things I mentioned that I wanted to go into with a bit more detail. I know that in my last letter a lot of what was written may have been a bit confusing (I know this because I find myself dammed confused with these ideas as well sometimes). I felt I would be doing a disservice therefore If I didn’t go into these questions a little deeper so you can get a better idea as to what being the Mayor of your own town will be like:

So what is your town?

Well, it is different for everyone. At the Rose-Blanc Town Management offices, we have seen towns ranging from Las Vegas-style pleasure metropolises to artistic townships teaming with culture. Please believe me when I say that a town can become anything that the Mayor wants it to be. The really fun part of running your own town is that you can truly craft it to become a humming representation of your personality, likes and dislikes and worldview. As you can imagine, this can create wildly different towns for each person.

So as Mayor, what can you do in this town of yours?

The great thing about your town is that it is very malleable and most things can be changed given enough time and energy. Great thing number 2, is that your town is filled with people who are very fond of you as Mayor. They have been working hard to keep your town chugging along for a very long time in your absence, and although not all are perfect, they are very pleased that you will be actively leading them from now on. Once you have a firm understanding of the makeup of your town and what strengths and weaknesses it has, you will be able to dig into what changes you would like to make. From there, all you need to do is take the necessary actions to make the changes stick. Easy peasy!

Right, so how you can travel to this town?

Now, this is exciting! The Science Labs at the Rose-Blanc Town management offices are at the cutting edge in discovering the best way for Mayors to access their Towns and start Mayoring as quickly as possible. After trial and more than a few errors, they have assured me with some certainty that the easiest way for you to access your town is through a Concentrated transcranial Interlook procedure. Simply put, you need to focus, look inside your own thoughts and BAM… you’re in your town.

Now I appreciate that this has probably left a lot of you scratching your heads in confusion and before you scrunch up this letter whilst crying with laughter at the absurdness of what you are reading, let me assure you that your town is definitely real and everyone has one! Even if not aware of it, everyone is connected to their own town that is unique to them, they can visit it and most importantly change and improve it.

Now I appreciate that the above information may have made you question the sanity of the writer and I would fully understand if you never wanted to read another letter by yours truly again. My next letter, however, will be an important one. I am going to lay out why becoming the Mayor of your town will be a whole lot of fun and why it could make your life a lot easier.

I will endeavour to write to you again soon. Please feel free to write back to me with any questions that you may have and I will do my best to help.

Yours Sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management

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