And through the postbox… A letter!

Greetings to you,


I appreciate the random nature that this communication has reached you and I am confident that at first, you may be unsure of my motivations for contacting you. With this in mind, however, I would like to express my excitement that I have finally been able to make contact with you!


Whilst reading what I have to say, you may find yourself asking yourself, “Who is this very strange man?” and “What in damnation is he going on about?”. This is a very natural response and I would actually be a bit concerned if it was any different. Suffice to say in this first conversation I want to put you at ease by answering the two above questions:

  1. Who is the very strange man who is writing to me?

My name is Ryan Rose-Blanc,  Mayoral office supervisor and manager. My family has been in the Town building and development game for more generations than I can count. If you need a town, or already have one that is a bit ‘run down’ then we are the people to call!

2. Why am I getting contacted by this person? What is he on about?

In our families offices, we have lists of all the towns that have on record. Now I was given the less than glamorous job of searching through these filing cabinets to identify who’s towns have been left idle for a long time or have Mayors who may be interested in our help with managing their particular townships.

Whilst looking through these folders, I came across your name and decided to contact you as we have you on record as owning your own town, and in fact being the Mayor of your town also!


I understand that this may make no sense at this point. If it has piqued your interest, however, I will be sending another letter to you in the near future with further details on your town, what powers you as Mayor have, and how to travel to your town personally.


If this letter has confused you then I apologise and hope that my first correspondence hasn’t scared you off. I am quite new to this side of the Town management business and have in fact never contacted prospective Mayors personally before this!


I will endeavour to write to you again soon. Please feel free to write back to me if what I have said has aroused your curiosity.


Yours faithfully,


Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management

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