Running through a wall for wealth!

Good morning,


The ambitious goal of this letter is to try and change your mindset about the town and its wealth. A lot of people throughout life will tell you that the way to become rich is to earn more money. While this is certainly a way to achieving this, there is arguably an easier way to achieve the success you want.


Don’t get me wrong,  the bankers in your town are big fans of more money coming into its vaults. In fact, they asked me to encourage this only recently. In the meantime, there is the less glamorous but very effective strategy of reducing your towns costs that can be done anytime. To be ‘rich’, therefore, a different path can be pursued, and I want to talk about this today.


Image result for money falling onto someone
Money literally falling from the sky… you can’t make this up.


In our pursuit of happiness, money can play a big part in our self-perception and worth. While the healthiness of this mindset is debatable, society in a lot of modern nations is geared towards pushing the idea that having more zeros on the end of your bank balance is the key to feeling that gooey warm feeling inside. Now, unless you were born into gold plated nappies, you will probably have to exchange a great deal of your time to earn enough money to support any kind of lifestyle that could be described as “lavish”.


Here is an equation for what being wealthy could look like…

To be Rich you need to have your wage exceed your desired lifestyle.

Your desired lifestyle = how much it costs to afford everything you need in life to make you happy.

Your wage is how much money you are able to earn with the time given to you.

My definition of rich may differ from other peoples, but if you can consistently earn more money than what is required to support a lifestyle that is in line with your values and makes you happy, I would consider you one rich son of a gun!


To get to my definition of Rich, therefore, you have two options; earn more or spend less. One requires someone to pay you more which is inherently outside of your direct control. The other is much more within your power and can be started today!


Image result for control
Buckle up buck-a-roo, this train is going with or without you!


I know I have mentioned this point in previous letters, but I believe it an issue that deserves repeating. Also, I should probably apologise in advance, as it will be something I will surely come back to again in future.


I guess I should conclude with what my towns bank manager told me, “Ryan, spend less and become richer for it. Also, please stop urinating in the plant pot.”


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management



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