Homes under the hammer, Friends and family edition.

Good morning,


In today’s letter, your going to be reshuffling your residential district to better reflect your current relationships. Previously, we looked closely at the people in our lives to check for two key points. Firstly that no one in your town was in the wrong sized home, and second, the condition of each home represented the health of your relationships accurately.


Just to recap, the size of a person’s home is determined by how important they are to you. Those who play a big part in your life get bigger houses. Additionally, the health of your relationship with someone is directly mirrored by the condition of their specific building. Not seeing eye to eye with someone will, therefore, leave them with a pretty dilapidated home.


Related image
Is that the spitful comment your co-worker made just destroying his house in your residential district?


What I want to do right now is look a little deeper at how you can identify when someone is in a wrong property, and what to do with them when you make this discovery.


Firstly, we need to re-look at our expectations. The barrier of entry for people moving from stranger to acquaintance, acquaintance to friend, and friend to bestie, vary for each of us. Establishing what someone in each of these bands means to you, is important to get the most out of your relationships. Personally, I found after asserting my own relationship requirements,  a lot of people I thought were in certain bands, were really in wildly different ones!


Image result for disappearing
Oh no, the old school friend I only see occasionally in the club… where are you going!!


This hit me hard during and after my university education. I had a lot of friends before university that I had been hanging on since my early teenage years. During university, I was exposed to a much higher standard of friendships and it became clear that a lot of the ones I had back at home couldn’t compete. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t just drop my old friends. They just didn’t treat me as well, put in as much effort or lift me up as much as the new people did.


If my Mayoral ideas had been around at this point, a lot of my previous relationships would have moved out of their grand houses and taken up residence in smaller more appropriate homes. I bore no ill will towards these people, so their homes were still in good condition. They just didn’t belong in the nicest houses anymore, my standards had been raised.


Image result for Walking away from a house
Hope in fact you never become so relegated that you are left without a home altogether…


The simple steps for doing this yourself are:

  1. Reassess what you require from people in each of your relational tiers.
  2. Be honest and firm in deciding whether your current relationships accurately reflects what you require.
  3. Move people into the accurately sized and conditioned homes that reflect what they mean to you and your life.


Remember, you are not being mean to people by changing their relationship to a different sized home. You are being honest with yourself, and that is the most Mayoral thing you can do.


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management


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