Make your peak weak… squeak?

Good morning,


In my last letter, we discussed the power of identifying your strengths and then using this knowledge to become even better in these areas. This time I am going to flip the proverbial skill-based coin and layout why focusing on your weaknesses can be super beneficial.


Where our strengths can push us forward in life and help achieve our goals, our weaknesses have a very annoying habit of dragging us backwards and hindering our progress.


In a world where reputations can change on a dime, and the impression we portray is based on more than what we can offer, it can be very useful to work on our weaknesses. Understanding how we can be bitten by our weaknesses and the best ways to combat these can be very useful in avoiding embarrassing situations in the future.


Related image
Weakness, identified and ready to engage!


Lets get back into analysing mode and be honest about what our weaknesses are. Looking at the areas we are lacking in can be difficult as it tends to reveal things about ourselves we may be insecure about. For many, this is not a fun experience and the natural reaction is to become defensive.


In one of my previous letters, we talked about different levels of quality things have in the world. You may also remember that each of the different things in these tiers gives off different impressions to those around them. It was the low effort tier which is the main area where laziness and lack of effort will be the biggest ball and chain dragging you and your image down.


A goal for ourselves should, therefore, be to eliminate and nullify our weaknesses to a point where they do not show up and embarrass us. It is not realistic to believe we can completely squash our faulty areas (even though that would be lovely), but we can take actions to massively reduce their impact!


Image result for diglett
No Diglett! Stop poking your head into my garden, your ruining the tomatoes!!


When we talk about self-improvement it shouldn’t be anything but a positive thing. Even though it may feel contradictory to what I have said above, you should not make attempts to improve your weaker areas to impress anyone. Do it instead to help you become a more rounded and formidable human being!


By identifying and working on your weaknesses you won’t suddenly become some kind of superhero, but you may avoid embarrassing mistakes and trips throughout your life. Raising your average skill level by taking out the low numbers, is a great way to become a more awesome version of you.


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management

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