Strengths cubed!

Good morning,


Sometimes I like to imagine what the stat sheet for our lives would look like. Maybe this mindset comes from playing too many role-playing games in my younger years but there is honestly nothing better than being able to see a break down of your strengths and weaknesses in this way.


In the games of my youth, they handily had lists of your ability levels in certain areas, perks you’ve acquired throughout the story and past exploits you performed in pursuit of progression in the game.


Image result for riding a rocket
We’re going straight to the moon baybee!


Lets imagine for the time being we can apply the above logic to our own lives; just like magic, we all now have the ability to see our own list of strengths. I find this exercise goes best if you can inject yourself with large doses of confidence in yourself. You want to be kind to yourself here, there are plenty of times where you can put yourself down, right now is not one of them!


If you are struggling to identify your strengths then a handy tip is to lower what you identify as a strength. Everyone uses numerous abilities and skills to navigate through daily life; these range from basic communication, endurance in tough times and the patience which allows for delay gratification. Be brave and challenge yourself to put down at least 5 things you identify as strengths within your character.


If this is the first time that you have tried analysing your strengths, the chances are quite high you have not previously delved into why you are strong in these areas and how you can further improve.


Image result for blowhole
Insert metaphor for exploding talent and potential…


Identifying your strengths and taking pride in your talents is an important step in developing them further. If you have a natural affinity in a certain area, you are in a primed position to use your current ability as a springboard into further learning and development. Do you know what you become when you are highly skilled? A specialist! And, what do you become when you have specialised skills? Hella marketable, that’s what!


Studying our strengths is something that can reward you with awesome benefits in the future. I am planning on writing a few more letters on this subject and am very interested to hear your opinions. I am accepting letters from all the popular carrier pigeon services, so feel free to use whichever one you prefer.


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management


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