Addiction and Obsession.

Good morning,


Have you ever cared about something so much that you can’t get your mind off it, no matter what?


I think it’s important to have passion about what we fill our days with. When we have behaviours and activities we do on a regular basis, they can start to become guidelines we can use to run our lives. These habits can affect us greatly and help form rules we can live our lives by.


These beliefs and rules we form within ourselves can be used as stakes that reaffirm the image we want to put out to the world and how in turn we view society and the people around us. Having things in your life like these anchor points can help you make the right choices in life that also line up best with your values and beliefs.


Image result for direction
Where the hell did I park my car again? Where have I habitually put the hunk of junk previously…


Shallow and not so insightful quote 1#

“Show me the person who practices an instrument every day and I will show you the eventual musician.” – Ryan


The problem with the habits we do often is that they can be both negative and positive. If you drop a positive or negative anchor into your life and use that to steady yourself against the waves of existence, you will find with time that it will become a major influencer of the actions you take on a daily basis.


Shallow and not so insightful quote 2#

“Show me the person who eats a cream cake with every meal and I will show you the future sumo wrestler.” – Also Ryan


We need to be intentional about the posts we put in the ground to support our lives. Having healthy habits can lead to healthy outcomes. What happens though, when your enjoyment grows intense or out of control? That is when you get obsessions and addictions.


Image result for focus
Me? Addicted? Nah I am just focused!


These more extreme versions of the activities and beliefs have greater control of you and can make you incredibly focused on specific activities. These obsessions and addictions, rather than influence the way we live, become central pillars that our lives start to grow around.


The main difference between the two is the types of control they have over you. An obsession will usually come from a subject we are interested in; which will sustain our interest and facilitate further learning and action. For example, you could get obsessed with running. This could start from a simple desire to get a little bit fitter, but through exceeding your goals, achieving greater times and the regular dopamine release you get when completing the exercise, running could become something you look forward to doing on a daily basis.


Image result for dog looking out window
Are you going to take me out for a walk? You maybe…? Dammit humans…


Addiction, on the other hand, is something that’s grip and power it exerts is outside of your control. A heroin addiction, for example, is something that can very quickly become a  central pillar in someone’s life and start applying incredible influence to the addicted person’s behaviour and actions. This is something that is not an obsession, addictions take away your ability to make good decisions and can result in desperate situations.


We all have the capacity to be pitch pillars in our life for positive purposes. We also can develop obsessions and fall into addiction. It is important we engineer our lives so we can become the ruler of our lives and towns.


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management

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