Going, but will come back with treats!

Good morning my friends,


Amazingly this is an anniversary, the one year anniversary of writing these letters to you every week on this here blog! While not the biggest and most impressive achievement in the universe, it was one of my major goals for 2019 and I am stoked to check it off!


So with this news, I would like to ask you all a small favour. For a short time, I am going to be putting a pause on the weekly letters in order to focus more heavily on another project I am super passionate about. The header at the top of this website may hint at what this may be, and whilst I tried to do this alongside writing the letters, juggling this and everything else in life proved more difficult than I anticipated.


So while I bring The ‘Making and Breaking of Empires’ podcast together, all I ask is you hold tight, give me a bit time and I will have something bright and shiny for you shortly. You will, of course, be the first to know when I have something to release.


Image result for Thank you!



I don’t say this enough on here as well but thank you from the bottom of my Mayoral heart, you are all awesome and I look forward to many more good times together!


Until next time,


Ryan Rose-Blanc

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