Put the Hero plan into action!

Good morning,


If you remember correctly from last weeks letter, we were talking about how you can become the superhero you needed when you were younger!


This may sound like a daunting task at first, but I will talk you through it this week. First, we need to go back in time, and really get into the mind of your younger self. Understanding that the struggles you went through as a child, eventually lead you to your current state; we need to remember them correctly so we can fix their repercussions. Thinking back to these darker times may feel painful, but should highlight and bring to the surface specific feelings that need addressing.


Image result for something coming out of the water"
Oh no, my unresolved childhood issues…


The point of this exercise is not to re-open old wounds, but rather identify the feelings and behaviours that are still negatively impacting our lives today. Once we know what problems need fixing, we can start looking at the solutions we can take. It is important to stress the point that the superhero we are creating can not change the past, only make you strong enough so similar events or feelings no longer control you.


With a list of painful memories, events or feelings in front of you; write next to them the solutions you think would help. These solutions should be recommendations from experts in areas specific to your issues. This means you may need to do a little bit of digging to find good solutions.


Image result for digging a hole"
I swear there must be some good advice around here somewhere!


With these solutions in mind, you know the powers your superhero needs! It’s time to create the person with the strength to overcome the odds, the resolve to push through the tougher times and the calmness to sidestep life’s difficulties before they can affect you.


Give to your hero the solution to every issue you regularly battle. Really focus on what that person would do in each situation. Give them the power to get the perfect result every time.  The difficult part is taking this hero you have created, and inserting it within your soul. The goal is to eventually allow it to take control when you are facing trouble and ensuring it steers you to safety.


It won’t be easy, and like any good superhero, you may need to fall down a few times before you can fly. You should, however, do everything possible to become the hero you needed when you were younger.


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management


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