The sleeping mayor technique… Doctors hate it!

Good morning,


I don’t know about you, but I have begun to notice a few improvements whilst being in your sleep factory. I wasn’t sure if this is just my imagination or if I had breathed in too many noxious gases, so I consulted one of my doctor friends, and boy was that a good idea!


They say (whoever they are) that the medical benefits of sleep are numerous. We all know how much better we feel when well-rested. I would challenge anyone to try a complicated task when sleep-deprived and perform better than the well-slept version of themselves. Lacking energy, concentration and reliable memory will start to infect your routine and run havoc with your productivity.


Image result for wrecking ball
Oh, look at my perfectly laid plans being swiped aside there!


In this letter, I want to focus on three amazing benefits sleep can bring to the inner workings of your town and bodies. The total list is very long and so to prevent a 4,000-word letter, I thought I would focus on these specifically today.


Control your weight, Hunny!

Okay, let’s do some maths. If you don’t get the required energy from sleeping, your brain will want to supplement this deficit by eating energy-dense food. What types of foods are these? You guessed it, those high in salt, fat and sugar! Simple fix, get more sleep and avoid those bad food urges.

Back up that immune system!

No one enjoys being ill! A cold, after all, can remind you how we take ‘feeling well’ for granted a lot of the time. Broadly, sleep tops up our energy levels. More specifically, sleep backs up, recharges and allows time for repairs to occur within our cells. Our immune system, therefore, benefits immensely through restorative sleep and helps beat back germs and infection. So stay healthier by sleeping more!

Stamp out that stress!

We’ ve all been there, after a terrible night sleep, the next day ends up being a stress-filled waste. After such days, these negative feelings have an annoying habit of sticking around in your mind and adversely effecting your next nights worth of sleep. Apart from this becoming a weird sleep version of the ‘what came first the chicken or the egg’  scenario, it also shows the devastating knock-on effects each part of this process has. Therefore, If you can increase the quality and time of your sleep, the stress in your life will noticeably drop as well!


Image result for happy sleep
Does anyone really have bed covers that white… Super hard to keep clean. Just sayin’.


There we are. Three important areas of our lives, directly affected by getting better and more rejuvenating sleep. Be the Mayor who prioritises sleep and victory will be within your grasp!


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management.

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