Become the superhero you needed when you were younger!

Good morning,


When I was younger, I used to binge-watch television shows and films with superheroes in. The protagonists would have special powers and save the day from disaster every time. The characters were beloved by all and had powers and strengths beyond the ability of the average person. However hopeless the situation may appear in an episode, a solution was always found in the nick of time!


Now a lot of time has passed since I hoped for an invitation to the X-mansion and join the likes of Wolverine and Jean Grey for my primary education. Now at the age of 27, I have already gone through all the formal education my country can offer, and whilst disappointed to have not been invited, I will be brave and move on.


Actually, as I’ve gotten older, a strange thing has happened. My source for motivation and admiration has shifted from the superheroes shown in the films to much more normal individuals. Over time, I have discovered people who are able to inspire others through their achievements and teach me important life skills that have benefited me greatly.


Image result for Superhero
Check out Captain responsibility – the new film releasing next summer!


It’s difficult because when you think about developing any sides of yourself, you are essentially admitting that there are areas you are not happy with and are trying to improve. When you finally open your eyes to your weaknesses, you may notice that they originated from your youthful past, and are unresolved sides to yourselves which still hold you back.


I absolutely have things in my past that have and still do hold me back sometimes.  As the reader, it would be unfair to ask you to volunteer your vulnerable pasts without first putting mine out there. A much younger version of myself used to be wracked with insecurities about many areas of my life.  Two of the many subjects that regularly occupied my mind was the worry about future money problems, and the feelings of utter powerlessness.


Image result for crying child with a balloon
Why can’t I be the queen dammit… it’s just not fair!

On one side, these worries are justified. As a child, I didn’t have a job and, therefore, did not know how very much about money at all. Furthermore, As an adult, I can now see why 7-year-olds are not given positions of power. Given half the chance, I probably would have used my new authority to get all the shiny pokemon cards that were available at the time!


Money and power may have sounded like two boring things to have concerned myself with when younger, but hey, I never claimed to be the coolest of kids. That’s nothing to be said about how dull a superhero would be with these powers. Captain ‘have enough money to be comfortable’ and Mr ‘feel as if you have autonomy over where your destiny is heading’. Yawn… is it possible to put yourself to sleep??


Image result for happy children
Mummy told me that if I want to have less existential dread then I should become more socially aware of the downtrodden in modern-day life.


Now as an adult, I am lucky enough to have things like books and podcasts which can increase my knowledge in whatever areas I choose. In a way,  becoming the person I needed when I was younger, and growing into my very own superhero.


As I like the idea of making superheroes out of all my readers, there will be more letters coming soon!


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management

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