The ladder of effort.

Good morning,


I am greatly interested in how we instinctually assign value to things in the world. We do this naturally throughout our days, making snapshot decisions about the items and people in the world. With the majority of these thoughts happening subconsciously, I think it would be wise to get our heads around what’s going on when this happens.


In this letter, I am going to introduce you to four tiers; I am confident you can place everything that has ever existed into these categories. When reading about each below,  you may recognise sides of your life which can be moved into these certain areas. If you find this, you are in luck! You may recognise things you are doing great, and if that’s the case then you have my permission to pat yourself on the back. On the other hand, if you see areas of your life that are not going so well, then take solace and understand that identifying these faults is the first step to positive change!


Image result for transcendence
You ready to blow your mind duude??


Below are the four tiers:

  • Low effort tier

The things in life you look at and go, “Oh jeez, what is that thing, its so bad!”. It may be a small part of a thing that is making you internally cringe or the whole package that combined equals the definition of low quality.


  • Middle acceptable tier

The invisible majority of things in the world which do not elicit glowing negative or positive reactions. Through intentional action, the faults of these people and objects have been reduced so they no longer receive unfavourable comments and opinions whilst simply existing.


  • Exceeders tier

These are the people and things in life that are whipping the competition. You find yourself looking at them in amazement, gaping at how they appear stronger, faster and simply better than anything else in comparison. There is something about these overachievers that sets them apart, they have the “IT” factor and are using it to excel higher than previously thought possible.


  • Stratospheric tier

The 0.1% of people and things that shine brightest in their fields. These are the superstars who even the exceeders look up to for droplets of precious wisdom. If you get into this tier, you truly are a god among your peers. Check the history books, as your name will probably be there!


Image result for 4 layered cake
Delicious knowledge, 4 tiers tall!


I am going to dedicate separate letters to each of these tiers in future instalments. I initially tried to fit everything into this one letter but the end result always turned out to be a ‘War and Peace’, wannabee.


Keep your eyes on your letterboxes, and I will speak to you soon.


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management



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