Time management with Jars and Rocks.

Good morning,


Time management is a funny thing. Can anyone really manage time, or are we just trying to manage our own choices and behaviours? Time, in the way we understand it, doesn’t really go any faster or slower in our day to day lives. We each have 24 hours to fill in our days and have ultimate control over what we do with this time and how productive we want to be with what we are given.


Imagine then that the time you have available in a day is an empty glass jar. The space in that jar represents the time you can make use of in the day. Throughout the day a steady stream of sand will flow into the jar filling it up. Without you doing anything at all, within 24 hours your day’s jar would be filled and a topper screwed on. This would, of course, be followed by another new one being taken off the shelf of life and the whole process starting again from the beginning.


Image result for empty jars
This metaphor should not be used to describe how interesting you are… Don’t be an empty jar.


Your jars do not and should not be filled with just sand, however. You have a selection of different sized rocks you are able to choose to fill your jars up with every day. The bigger and more important tasks you prioritise are larger rocks and stones, smaller rocks and pebbles represent less pressing things in your schedule, and even smaller bits of grit are the things you neither prioritise or plan but fill your time anyway. Finally sand will continue to enter the jar from the top and fill any remaining space available.


Now so we are clear, the bigger rocks are the things in your life which have the greatest impact on you and produce the most value to your existence. The first job, therefore, is to identify what you can do which will provide you with the greatest benefit and put these into the jar before smaller rocks are allowed to enter. When you prioritise these big important tasks, you have guaranteed a window in your days where you can make the greatest impact possible for your town and life.


The smaller stones represent tasks which are still important but not priorities in your life. If you put these rocks into your jar after your high priority ones then you can ensure that they still get the time they need to complete but are not allowed to completely overtake the other things in your day.


Image result for Bigger fish to smaller
Be the shark, don’t fill your life with small fish!


The smaller pieces of rock should only be allowed into your jar once the bigger rocks have been prioritised. If you still have space in your jar after the larger rocks have entered then you should feel free to fill any gaps with whatever you like. I would advise however that you should be intentional about the remaining space you fill and ensure that they are actually activities you enjoy and bring happiness.


The subject of time management could probably fill a whole library of letters. There will, therefore, be more writing coming on this subject as well as a further investigation to the above jars and rocks.


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management




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