Winning the Boss game!

Good morning,


Let’s go on a merry trip back to our business district and see how things are getting on. Following on from our previous letters, we are going to continue to rise through the floors of your work building and see if we can win the Boss game.


At most places of work, there is something which is known as the chain of command. Some companies have strict hierarchical structures and others have more relaxed ways of operating. However your work structures itself, it is important that you are viewed positively by your boss and superiors. I have seen people in the Town management game tread water for decades and never progress in their careers because they were not liked by their bosses and couldn’t fostering positive relationships with their colleagues.


So if you are lucky, your boss is a human person just like you… let’s walk a mile in their boots for a moment. Your boss, unless they are the CEO of the company, has their attention drawn in two directions every day. Upwards from their boss and superiors, and from beneath by their subordinates. The metaphor of being between a rock and a hard place feels particularly relevant here.


Related image
Things can get dirty when poo starts to get thrown from both directions…


Balancing the two below statements sounds like a political nightmare…

  • Managing the expectations and realities of what you can control and communicating this to your superiors in a way that fills them with confidence but also makes clear the challenges the team are facing.


  • Ensuring that your team feels supported and motivated enough to complete all the tasks they need to do every day, whilst taking on their concerns and offering solutions to their problems.


Don’t get me wrong, some managers and bosses out there are either not fit for purpose or fill up valuable office space that could be much better used for a new water cooler or potted plant. I am not defending these individuals, I have had terrible bosses before and couldn’t be happier when I worked out a way to drop their shit like it was hot!


Image result for bye bye gif
Goodbye and goodnight to the bad vibes you guys are drenched in!


However good or bad your managers are, you probably have three options on how you can proceed:

  1. You work with your boss to get on their good side.
  2. You can decide to not work with your boss and get on their bad side.
  3. You can decide to find another job because you don’t want to try and get on your bosses good side.


As your town adviser and bestest pal, I believe that harmony is a good first response at work, and as long as there is no potent reason for flipping the metaphorical table and burning the house down, you should at least give your best shot at getting your manager on side and winning the boss game!


In order to curate the relationships we want to have with our boss, we need to give them their own floor in your work building. For this letter, Let’s give your direct boss a single floor. This is where we will put your manager’s likes and dislikes, schedule and working style and any assignments they are working on or share with you.


Once we know what makes them tick, we can position ourselves to become the most valuable member of their inner circle. Sometimes the best way to win someone to your way of thinking is to take an interest in them. It’s easier than you may think and works wonders!


Image result for magnet
Be the magnet, feel the magnet and attract everyone… made of metal.


And what does that equal?

  • Less stress and aggravation.
  • More work harmony.
  • The achievement of all your hopes and dreams (or maybe a higher chance of progressing in the company you’re currently in.)


So let’s go to the empty floor, work out where you want your rooms to go and then fill them up with all the juicy information you have on your boss. Remember, the more information you have, the better you can expect your decision-making abilities to become!


Thank you for reading this letter. I will write to you again soon where I look forward to hearing all about your attempts at the Boss game!


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management



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