The districts you control…

Hello dear friends,

I hope this letter finds you well. Today I would like to talk to you about three important districts you have in your town. I want to bring your attention to these as I believe for many people, they are some of the most important things we spend our time, money and energy on.


As Mayor of your town, you have a responsibility to attend to the needs of everyone under your control. This includes the down and outs, the pillars of society and everyone in between. On a daily basis, you may be asked some very peculiar questions that could take you off guard even at the best of times.

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Jerry here is still waiting to hear your response on his recommendation of putting all cats on a curfew and banning lampshades…


You will be kept on your toes as mayor, questions will arrive at your office from all different sectors of your life and you will have to tailor your responses to best fit the situation you find yourself in. One of the greatest benefits of running your own town is that you are able to effectively split up the different sides of your life and work through the different things that occupy your energy, time and money. This, the theory goes, allows you to approach new and old experiences in the best possible way and improve your chances of finding the right action for the thing you are facing at that particular time.


So here goes, 3 areas of your life that I am confident you will need to find a place for in your town…


  1. Work
  2. Friends and Family
  3. Entertainment


Looking firstly at work, you may imagine a tall corporate skyline or a sprawling campus. The shape and design of your building will depend on your preference and the type of work you do.


If like me, you are one of the many of us who enjoys not starving on a daily basis and is also unlucky enough not to have won the euro millions lottery yet, you should have a building that you can visit which represents your working life.


Family and Friends are an important one as depending on the size of your social circle and family, this district will vary in size throughout your life as mayor.


This is where the connections and relationships you have are situated in your town; you will have a building for every positive and negative relationship you have in your life. You should have whole neighborhoods filled with your nearest and dearest, the acquaintances you have met along the way and also the people you would rather forget about. The importance of putting the right people in the right areas is something that I will go into deeper in another letter.


Now for Entertainment, every activity that you fill your time with that is either in the pursuit of entertainment will need to be housed in a building within your town. This will include everything from hobbies that you practice and enjoy for decades, all the way down to the Netflix show you have been binging on the weekend and the drinks your slam down with your buddies.

When you put your hobbies and behaviors into this district, you will be able to see the things that start populating the larger and smaller buildings. The things that take up the largest portions of your time, money and energy needing the largest buildings to stretch out in and the other activities finding the available space where they can.

Image result for three pillars
Allow the metaphor of these three pillars to wash over your consciousness and help your understanding of my ramblings.

I have intentionally not gone into too much detail on the above as I plan to do so in future letters. If your attention span is as fish-like as mine, you may be thankful for this, if you fall on the other side of the proverbial fence, I apologise. Either way, please feel free to write back to me, and tell me your thoughts.


I will write to you again in the near future so keep a look out for the postman as he walks towards your front door.


Yours sincerely,

Ryan Rose-Blanc

Rose-Blanc Town management

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